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    I'm an unscripted TV Producer who’s been making my celebrity and executive talent shine for more than twenty years. I've worked for people like Dr Phil, Bobby Flay, Tori Spelling, and Zach Galafiankis, and networks like Discovery, ABC, CBS, History, Food, MTV, VH1 and OWN.


    I bring 20+ years of hard-earned Hollywood production know-how to help businesses tell their story by creating original video content that stands out.


    Photo: Karen Ripenburg with Dr. Jill Biden in March 2020

  • Storytelling

    Experience matters

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    I help you tell your story.


    I leverage my career as a broadcast journalist and producer to help brands create content that stands out.

    I help identify your brand's key visual elements that are so imperative when telling an effective and compelling narrative. Together, we determine the most effective way to bring your message to life through video that will retain your audience and explain your story.

    Story. Originality. Production. Professionalism. Authenticity.



  • Television Credits

    Late World with Zach Galafianakis

    Tori & Dean Inn Love

    Dr Phil

    The Doctors

    MTV Movie Awards

    Golden Globe Awards


    Ask Oprah’s All Stars

    BBQ with Bobby Flay
    Be Good Johnny Weir

    Out of the Wild: the Alaska Experiment


    Strictly Dr Drew

    Dating in the Dark
    Who Gets the Dog?

    Berman & Berman


    Operation Style
    House Beautiful Television

    Birth Day Live
    Insider’s Garden
    Honeymoon Adventures

    The Turnaround
    Crafters Coast to Coast
    Look What I Did!
    UFO Hunters

    Stylemaker: Andre Leon Talley


  • Video

    Videos with high-end production value without the Hollywood price tag

    Social media. Websites. Pitch Meetings. Fund raising. Presentations.


    From a profile video on the landing page of your website, to integrated site video and social content, your audience will know exactly who you are and how you can help them.


    Anyone can make a video, but few know what it takes to make a video that anyone wants to watch. That's where I come in. By creating thousands of hours of television and video content, I've developed a laser-sharp sense of story, and figured out the rules about why a video will sink or soar.


    Your video will benefit from the same skills that I've honed working on multi-million dollar productions, just with fewer celebrities, smaller sets and a much lower price tag. Through pre-production, shooting, directing, and final edit, you get a compelling video that has teeth.


  • Projects

    A selection of projects and editorials I've produced:

     Dr Jill Biden in San Francisco 2020

    Produced for The Hivery

    NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center

    Produced and directed one year anniversary video

    NewCo Shift Dialogs

    Produced studio series featuring industry disruptors interviewed by founder John Battelle

    Be Good Johnny Weir

    Directed unscripted series for Logo TV

    Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment

    Produced survival series for Discovery

  • Media Training

    Presentations. Keynote speeches. Interviews. On-camera appearances.

    I have an extensive background in unscripted documentary television and digital production, working with CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, professionals, doctors, babies, kids, animals and average folks who have never been on camera. From the big shot to the newbie, I’ve helped each develop their tone and improve their camera presence, delivery and watchability.


    I offer talent coaching to make you look good on camera and on stage. From finding the right wardrobe, to sharing my pro tips that will make you look polished, my targeted performance feedback will help you grow your confidence while public speaking. Options include script writing and editing, producing 101, on-set or on-location coaching, rehearsal, makeup, staging and lighting advice.

    Packages available.


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    About Me

    Karen Ripenburg is from Vancouver, BC, Canada, but she and her family now reside in the Bay Area where she's lucky enough to have passports from both of her home countries.


    She lives for entertaining, traveling, rocking out, getting involved and making things happen.

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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    British Columbia Institute of Technology

    Broadcast Journalism

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  • Karen in the media

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